Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Self survival is Union with Nature. Selflessness=Naturalness. Union.

The other day I was going through some of my things, old folders notebooks etc. & I came across a notebook where I happened to find some thing I wrote last summer when I was going through a rough time.
During that period of time I was really questioning a lot of things, like what am I doing here, what is my purpose? What is my contribution to life? Well like I usually do I walked out to the woods near my home and sat down and just really quieted my mind, & as strange as it may sound I learned some thing that day from a tree I sat next to that day and the writing I found was from just that instance, here it is...

I have recently come to observe every thing in life (Nature) lives to give, it lives for the survival of another. If it does not then it would cease to exist, this is a natural part of tao (Tao=Way), simply how life is.
For example, as I sit here at this tree I am breathing, exhaling carbon dioxide that which the tree needs, while the tree exhales oxygen that which I need. Now of course this is only a minuscule example, for this isn't the only thing a tree contributes nor is it all I contribute. Nor is it the only example...
   Giving freely & being compassionate. How can we give freely with out compassion? For if we give simply to receive then it is dishonest & you will only become unhappy in this dishonesty. This tree does not exhale oxygen simply for me to give it carbon dioxide, no, but it freely gives like every other tree, as I freely give to this tree & every other tree...
One only needs to look at nature and simply observe this, every thing, & yes I mean EVERY thing that lives a natural life lives a life of freely giving. There are many examples of this and once one begins to realize that... yes nothing can truly exist with out this Union.
Yes indeed it is truly better to give then receive.

Now with that all being said, I say go out and observe nature don't take my word for it ;). Life is full of beauty.
~Stay Free Stay wild!

     Even in death this tree (all of nature) gives freely. This seemingly 'dead' tree is gleeming with life, if this tree did not 'die' there would not be a home for the many insects living inside, which means no food for another which inturn leads to no food to yet another animal and so on and so forth. Nothing dies but simply evolves into some thing new.
Energy can not be 'killed' and after all thats all every thing is made up of.